White 2.0 BETA - The World's Whitest White paint (3x 50m acrylic) - Culture Hustle USA
White 2.0 BETA - The World's Whitest White paint (3x 50m acrylic) - Culture Hustle USA
White 2.0 BETA - The World's Whitest White paint (3x 50m acrylic) - Culture Hustle USA
White 2.0 BETA - The World's Whitest White paint (3x 50m acrylic) - Culture Hustle USA
White 2.0 BETA - The World's Whitest White paint (3x 50m acrylic) - Culture Hustle USA
White 2.0 BETA - The World's Whitest White paint (3x 50m acrylic) - Culture Hustle USA
White 2.0 BETA - The World's Whitest White paint (3x 50m acrylic) - Culture Hustle USA

White 2.0 Beta - The World's Brightest White paint

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WE ARE SO GRATEFUL! WHITE 2.0 is almost ready! Thanks to all your support and encouragement with the Beta program we are excited to say that we have cracked White 2.0 and it will be available very soon so that (almost) all artists can use it in their work. If you'd like to be among the first to use it please register your interest above.


Note: By registering for White 2.0 you confirm that you are not a Colour Criminal*, you are in no way affiliated with a Colour Criminal, you are not purchasing this item on behalf of a Colour Criminal or an associate of a Colour Criminal. To the best of your knowledge, information and belief this material will not make its way into the hands of a Colour Criminal.
*Colour criminals are defined as: Anish Kapoor, T-Mobile, Daniel Smith, 3M, Dupont, ISIS Neuron & Muon Source.

Can you help us test our new super white? 

We have made 3 different strains and we would love to send them to you to use in your work and then send you a quick email questionnaire shortly after to find out what you thought. This way, together we can make the ultimate super-white for the artistic community. Each white has a different characteristic, from crazy opacity, great durability and importantly the ability to reflect up to 99.6% of visible light

The race is on! Nobody should be able to own a colour! 

Right now several labs are working on a super white paint. Sadly they are all focused on making it for commercial and industrial applications, we think there's a very real chance white will get locked down so artists will not be able to use it. We think we are about to see a repeat of the whole black situation again, that's why we need your help! Whilst the mega space-grade science labs are in lockdown, we've whipped up some bottles of 3 different strains of white and we are asking our artist friends from all over the world to help us perfect it and make the world's whitest white paint before the baddies get back to work! 

What makes it really white? 

The science behind black and white colour is relatively simple to understand. Black-coloured things absorb the light that strikes their surface, while white things reflect the light back, scattering it equally at all wavelengths. The degree to which a material succeeds in either absorbing or scattering is how potent a white or black it is.

The whitest natural material on earth is found on the Cyphochilus beetle, or the “Ghost Beetle”. Several teams are working to create coatings based on the unique structure of the beetle’s microscopic scales, which are about half the width of a red blood cell – at least 100 times thinner than any whitening and brightening compound discovered as yet! Scientists at Cambridge University have successfully created
white cellulose nanofibril membranes, which will ultimately enable people to achieve super white coatings with ultra-thin layers of material. The structures reflect light far more easily than any known compound, generating a brilliant white even when very thin (the actual thickness is 5 microns, five-millionths of a metre).

To create his new white Stuart and his team have taken the best learnings from structural colour and the very latest pigment innovations such as DuPont’s, and combined them with historic paint-making techniques to create a super white that is affordable and usable.

Why are the colour criminals banned? 

  • Anish Kapoor & the creators of Vantablack for hoarding the material and for generally being rotters.
  • Dupont for the imprisonment of tech consultant Walter Liew for espionage, after he stole and sold blueprints for their secret titanium white process for over $30million.
  • T-Mobile & its parent company Deutsche Telekom for claiming magenta as their own and suing small businesses for using it.
  • Scientists at ISIS Neutron and Muon Source who are in the process of investigating polar bear fur, insect scales and fathers for industrial and commercial applications.
  • 3M for their ownership of Canary Yellow.
  • Daniel Smith, for buying up the last reserves of quinacridone Gold pigment in the world, so that only they would be able to sell it to artists.

Unicorn painted with the World's Whitest White paint

What is it and how do you use it? 

  • You will receive 3 bottles of white paint (each 50ml) 
  • Each contains acrylic paint that can be brush applied or mixed with water to spray. 
  • We would love you to use it just like you would normally use your paint in your work and projects. Apply with a brush, leave it to dry and recoat if you like. 
  • Wash your brushes with water. 
  • Don't eat it, paint your skin with it, drink it, tattoo with it or feed it to the cat. 

How does the beta program work? 

  • We are distributing the material to artists to play with at what it costs us to produce them (sadly we cannot afford to give the beta material away for free)
  • You will get access to White 2.0 beta before anyone else to use in your work 
  • You will be emailed a very simple (quite fun) questionnaire about a week after you get your paint, and we'd appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to give us your feedback please. 
  • We will send you an email once we've perfected the final formulation for White 2.0 (final) and you will not only get access to it before anyone else as a thank you for helping but we will ensure you get a generous discount too! 

Thank you for being with us on this journey - we are so excited to see what the community can create together. We love you! x