Blood Type AB - (Artist's Blood) - Culture Hustle USA
Blood Type AB - (Artist's Blood) - Culture Hustle USA
Blood Type AB - (Artist's Blood) - Culture Hustle USA

Blood Type AB - (Artist's Blood)

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Stuart's blood, 1ml in a vial, real useable ink. Limited edition: 1 of 580.

Blood Type AB - (Artist Blood) is extremely limited edition, we will be unable to synthesise more than 580 total samples.  

*IMPORTANT* - Remember Blood Type AB - (Artist Blood), is real synthetic Artist Blood. If you wish to wear it we advise a small amount of glue on the screw lid to avoid leaks

We bleed for your art.


As our community of artists has grown there simply isn't enough of this precious material to go round. So we set Stuart Semple Laboratories a challenge.

Is it possible to synthesise the blood of Stuart Semple to make the world’s first, lab grown, Artist Blood?

And then, could this synthetic blood be used as probably the world’s most exclusive art material?

The team at Stuart Semple Laboratories went to work and began to look at what makes up blood and then how we would create our own entirely lab grown version.


They made good progress and quickly got to the point where they had defined the chemical makeup of Stuart’s specific life force.



Normally this incredible achievement would be cause for great celebration but as it quickly became apparent making synthesised blood was only half the story. 

In the process of making the blood the scientists noticed something incredible when they were looking at the blood samples under the microscope. 

Each one of Semple samples appeared to have an anomaly.  

In each sample the elements they would expect to see were present but then in each they identified a new element. 

Incredibly they saw a platelet that behaved differently to all the other platelets. As you can see from the film of the blood under the microscope, this rebellious platelet seemed to forge its own way around the bloodstream, literally swimming against the tide.



The scientists were intrigued. They compared the Semple samples with other Artists and found that this rogue ‘Artist’ platelet was also present in their samples.  

Then working with our friends at National Labs UK we were able to compare these ‘artist samples’ with samples taken from various members of the Government including Gavin Williamson, Her Majesty’s Civil Service and various reality show contestants.  

This was when they made their second incredible discovery. 

The rogue ‘Artist Platelet’ was absent in these samples leading the scientists to come to the conclusion that this platelet is only present in those for whom Art is their lifeblood.


In honour of this unbelievable scientific discovery we will create a small amount of this precious liquid. 

Blood Type AB - (Artist Blood), comes in a beautiful amulet so that the lifeblood of the artist, your lifeblood, can always be near.

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