"I've been experimenting with colours in my studio my whole life and it's amazing to be able to share them with other artists"

Stuart Semple's art materials was started in the belief that Art is for all of us and we should all be able to use the best materials. These materials help all of us reach our artistic potential so we deepen our understanding of ourselves, each other and the world we live in. Stuart Semple believes Art is our most valuable resource, and will go to any lengths to create a future where it is accessible to everyone.

Stuart Semple's studio is made up of young artists, creators and experts across a variety of disciplines who work on a diverse output of projects, based in Dorset, England.

Stuart Semple is a renowned British artist who has been making paintings and exhibiting around the world for the past 20 years. A bit like painters used to do in the old days, Stuart Semple made his own materials to use in his work (initially looking for the most vibrant colour palette out there).

Stuart Semple's materials all had special qualities and he started to call them ‘the artyist art materials’. He made powders like the world’s pinkest pink & glitteriest glitter. With the help of other artists around the globe he made potions like Black 2.0, Black 3.0 and his super special - SuperBase.

The big idea is that we want to help artists make work that wasn't possible before.

Rather than hoard these amazing creations to use all for himself, so that he and he alone could wield the power of the colouriest colours, Stuart Semple made culturehustle.com to share these potent concoctions of his with all artists (except one - his arch nemesis Kapoor the colour hoarder).

Stuart Semple wants everyone to be able to make great art, so wants to make you great materials. The studio do things by hand and never cheap-out on ingredients and only use only the finest pigments, binders and polymers that money can buy anywhere.

Thanks to you lot supporting this project, new innovations can keep being developed.

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You can find out more about Stuart Semple and the other projects at: www.stuartsemple.com

or connect with him on instagram or twitter

He love seeing what you make with what he's made so please share your work with the hashtag #sharetheblack or #stuartsemple