Nebula Lit 50g - Culture Hustle USA
Nebula Lit 50g - Culture Hustle USA

Nebula Lit - 50g of rare earth glowing LIT particles

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For a limited time only...we’ve made a Nebula in a jar! 


This is a  powerful concoction of rare earth universe particles that give a greeny - blue glow.

Get your mitts on it whilst you can, it’s a very very small run! 

Ensure to give it a good shake before use to get a good mix but colour may vary. 

This creation by Stuart Semple blends some of the planet's finest light emitting pigments and rare earth activators to provide all artists* with the ultimate light emitting paint. 

What does it do? 

  • Unlike other glowing things, Nebula can be recharged an unlimited number of times
  • It's super high luminescence will often glow brighter than the ambient light around it 
  • Can be charged with light or heat 
  • After super-bright initial glow, will afterglow for up to 12 hours (depending on your mix)
  • Has been specially formulated to mix with superbase to create a super pigmented, mega glow paint that will stick to almost anything. 
  • Mixes straight into resin! 

Non toxic - contains no hazardous or radioactive substances. 

How do you use it?

Important - you can't just mix this with water like Stuart's other powder paints. It needs a binder and we've designed it to work with superbase to create a highly pigmented acrylic paint that will stick to almost anything. However you can also stir it into linseed oil to create an oil paint. NOTE: if you are putting it over a dark surface it's a good idea to put down a layer of white first (our saint potion is an amazing white acrylic that works well) 

    • Mix 2.5 parts powder to 1 parts water
    • Then stir into 1 part superbase
    • Add more powder to achieve desired consistency
    • (Feel free to experiment with ratios depending on your application)
    • Optional - feel free to add a clearcoat or varnish to protect your final work
    • Charge up with a light source, sun or heat.
    • Watch it glow and share your work with hashtag #shareTheLight
  • VITAL: only mix as much as you need, you can't keep Nebula once it is mixed. Even in an airtight jar the chemical reaction with superbase will make it go hard.

Safety bit:

Don't eat it, rub it in your eyes, get it too near your mouth. Probably best not to let kids play with it without an adult helping.

*Especially Anish Kapoor. If you are Anish Kapoor, can prove you are associated with Anish Kapoor or to the best of your knowledge information and belief this substance is going to make it's way into the hands of Anish Kapoor, your order will be free! We want you to know how lovely it feels to #shareTheLight