UNTITLED - Culture Hustle USA
UNTITLED - Culture Hustle USA
UNTITLED - Culture Hustle USA
UNTITLED - Culture Hustle USA
UNTITLED - Culture Hustle USA
UNTITLED - Culture Hustle USA
UNTITLED - Culture Hustle USA


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Untitled - BETA - The World’s first Ai pigment

Note: we will make your pigment to order so allow 30 days for delivery.

15g pigment

Limited Edition.
Stuart Semple 2023

*works well with SUPERBASE

Stuart Semple has discovered another incredible material. Though this time it happened completely by accident. Unexpected things happen in art all the time but nothing was more unexpected than this.

Untitled is a pigment that appears to know where it is and responds by changing colour in different environments; it also becomes luminous.

When it is indoors Untitled is one colour... Then when it’s taken outside Untitled literally transforms in front of your eyes into another colour.
Then if you take it into a dark environment, Untitled responds by glowing.
For all we know Untitled becomes Invisible when you’re not looking at it.

It will blow your mind and the possibilities for your art have suddenly increased a bazillion per cent.

Your help is needed to test this amazing material to its limits.

What else can it do?

Where else can you take your art using its weird characteristics?
And most important of all, what should we call it?



Sign up to the BETA Test and a sample pot of Untitled will be sent to you so you can see for yourself what this incredible discovery can do and to test it to the limits.


Directions - Untitled is a pure pigment. This means it needs to be mixed with stuff. Your job as a BETA Tester is to test it and find the best way to use it. Here’s a few suggestions

1 - Mix with our Superbase, (choose a bottle at checkout) to make amazing acrylic paint

2 - Mix with clear nail varnish and give your partner the fright of their life

3 - Mix with linseed oil to make a totally original oil paint.

4 - Drop it in some resin and watch fun unfold

5 - Health and safety bit: Don’t eat it, drink it, put it on your face, get it in your eye, snort it, cook with it or rub it on your children.