RAINBOW LIQUID - 0.2 fl oz (5ml) SHIFT colour change refill - Culture Hustle USA
RAINBOW LIQUID - 0.2 fl oz (5ml) SHIFT colour change refill - Culture Hustle USA
RAINBOW LIQUID - 0.2 fl oz (5ml) SHIFT colour change refill - Culture Hustle USA

RAINBOW LIQUID - 0.2 fl oz (5ml)

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Living Rainbow Liquid crystal coating
(SHIFT Refil)
0.2 fl oz (5ml) 
Recommended to use with Black 2.0
Rainbow Liquid is a magical colour changing material that turns any surface into a rainbow of colours reactive to touch or it's environment.

This amazing living coating is designed to be applied over Black 2.0 to create a surface that morphs through the spectrum between temperatures of 24 and 29 degrees C.

Although RAINBOW LIQUID will work on other surfaces and over other materials, we recommend dark non-porous surfaces and find Black 2.0 gives the best results, and comes part of the SHIFT pack which includes a test sample of Rainbow Liquid and Black2.0

RAINBOW LIQUID is created growing living liquid crystals through a very delicate process. It makes it one of the most elaborate and expensive coatings on the planet, more than gold.  (one of the world's most expensive colour changing substances, a very special member of the liquid crystal living materials family). Stuart has incorporated this substance into a unique varnish that is perfectly compatible with BLACK 2.0, and designed to shift colour on almost any surface (even unicorns!)

It has it's own topcoating incorporated in the formula that gives protection so you do not need varnish before handling what you have made.

Some varnishes can affect the Rainbow Liquid and inhibit it working so always do a test patch first if you feel varnishing or resin is required.



note: BLACK 2.0 sold separately

Estimated coverage 50cm square if applied thinly (depending on how porous surface is and how many coats are required).


RAINBOW LIQUID can be applied by brush or airbrush.

To brush - apply at room temperature and ensure that Rainbow Liquid is well stirred. Use a soft brush and apply a thin even layer (ideally over dry black 2.0 or another dark surface). Re-coat after a couple of hours if needed.

To airbrush - mix a small amount of distilled water into rainbow liquid to increase flow, and apply a series of thin even layers to build up surface.


  • RAINBOW LIQUID is ALIVE so you need to store it in the fridge until you use it. 
  • Give it a little shake every couple of days to keep it activated


  • Eat, drink, ingest, tattoo or swallow these potions
  • Don’t get it in your eyes or mouth

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