Purple Reign
Purple Reign
Purple Reign

Purple Reign

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Super rare limited edition release

One of the most beautiful paints we have ever created

Super flat matte highly pigmented waterbased acrylic paint

100ml (3.4fl oz)

To commemorate Stuart Semple's name change to Anish Kapoor, (so he is now known as The Artist Formerly Known As Stuart Semple), we give you Purple Reign.

This beautiful acrylic paint has long been asked for by the Culture Hustle community as a stand against Cadbury and their lockdown of the colour.

It's also weirdly the 40th anniversary of one of the best albums of all time; Prince's Purple Rain.

And of course Prince wasn't a stranger to a name change himself so once all that came together we couldn't call it anything other than Purple Reign.

Purple Reign is a beautiful material of course, flows perfectly and has an incredible smooth vibrant finish.

It means that another corporation’s hold over the rights to use a colour ends today and this colour finally is in the hands of artists to do with as they wish.

Probably most astonishing of all, it proves at last that Anish Kapoor can share his materials.


Nothing complicated, just use it like a paint. Brush, roller or thin with water to spray.

Share what you did on instagram with hashtag: #ShareTheBlack

  • Super flat, matte, deep purple acrylic paint
  • Unique acrylic binder enables more pigment load than other acrylic paint
  • Top class lightfastness
  • Exceptional coverage and adhesion - even on shiny surfaces (may require a second coat)
  • Coverage 1.5m x 1.5m (approx.) per bottle. (some surfaces require 2nd coat, porous surfaces should be primed first)
  • Paint in thin layers to get the best powdery finish, a little goes a long way.
  • Non Toxic

Health & Safety -  Don’t get it in your eyes! Don’t eat or drink it even though it looks yummy. Have fun!