Superbase - New Improved Formula - Super Duper Base! - Culture Hustle USA
Superbase - New Improved Formula - Super Duper Base! - Culture Hustle USA

Superbase - New Improved Formula - Super Duper Base!

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SUPERBASE by Stuart Semple is the mattest, flattest acrylic base medium on the planet. Now with an improved formula! 


There's loads of improvements we’ve made to Superbase so it's way way way better……..but here's our top 3 
  • You don’t need to mix powder with water beforehand 
  • Creates a smoother consistency 
  • Less Superbase needed and it goes a whole lot further!

It's very very special and still smells of black cherries!

If you are looking to create highly pigmented, super-matt, ultra-flat paint finishes, and you want to paint them on all sorts of weird and wonderful surfaces -  then this is the stuff. 

Super Base has been designed to hold more pigment than any other acrylic binder available which gives the potential of making your own super pigmented paints. 

Super Base works brilliantly with Stuart's powder colours. Once combined they produce rich, vibrant, matt acrylics. 

However, you are not limited to Stuart's powders, Superbase will bind almost any commercially available pigment, or mattify and extend other acrylic paints. 

Paints created with Superbase will provide a coverage unlike any other, and will adhere to almost any surface, even really shiny ones. Just keep in mind the opacity of your paint will be limited to the transparency of your pigment and due to the mattifyers Stuart uses, the base will lighten your colour a couple of stops. 

Once you have coloured Superbase you can thin with water to achieve your desired flow. 

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  1. Squeeze out some Superbase
  2. Gradually stir in powder colour, pigment or acrylic paint until it makes a thick paste
  3. Slowly stir in small amounts of water until all lumps are gone and the desired flow is achieved
  4. Use like paint 

The health and safety bit

Okay, it’s a potion which means its got chemicals in it. They’re not toxic BUT you don’t want to drink them or get them in your eyes. 

Please don’t paint hot things with it, when it heats up it can give out some nasty fumes - so no painting lightbulbs, radiators etc.. If you’ve got kids please keep an eye on them we don't want them drinking any either!

As always we love to see what you make with these materials so please show us what you do!

Have fun!